Words Have Meaning

The Alamo Ritz movie theater in Austin is promoting a women only showing of the new Wonder Woman movie on June 6. Critics claim that this is sexist. The critics are, to be kind, ignorant fools. Words have meaning.

Sexism means to judge individuals by their sex rather than their merits and character. The Alamo is doing nothing of the sort. It is simply saying that, for one night, everyone admitted to the theater will be female.

Is it sexist for a man to only date women? Is it sexist for a woman to only date men? Is it sexist for a man to only date men or a woman to only date women? In none of these cases are individuals making a statement about the moral character of others. They are simply acting on their sexual preference.

In today’s politically correct culture, it is easy to hurl accusations of discrimination. But the expression of any preference is an act of discrimination. To discriminate means to recognize a difference between two things, and every choice involves discrimination–preferring one thing over the alternatives.

The Alamo has a moral right to set whatever terms and conditions they choose for those wishing to enter their premises. Those who don’t like those terms and conditions are free to take their business elsewhere. That’s not sexism. That’s a recognition of each individual’s moral right to live his life as he chooses.

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