Wendy Davis is a Hypocrite

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis is a hypocrite. She defends a woman’s right to choose an abortion, but she wants to deny other individuals a choice in how their money is spent. She wants to force taxpayers to pay for women’s health care, regardless of their own personal choices.

Last week, the former candidate for governor led a rally in Austin. Because Texas Republicans want to stop funding Planned Parenthood, she believes that women will soon be back in the Stone Age.

Politicians are fixated on blocking access to women’s healthcare at Planned Parenthood knowing that it will deliver a devastating blow not just to our health, but to our progress, and that’s the point. They are hellbent on holding women back.

Davis believes that women’s progress is represented by their ability to force others to pay for their health care. Those who are opposed to socialized medicine are, in her view, “hellbent on holding women back.”

Women have a moral right to choose an abortion. And other individuals have a moral right to refuse to pay for it. Hypocrites demand the right to choose for themselves, but want to deny that right to others.

There are a multitude of health care options available for women, and Planned Parenthood is only one of them. Davis ignores this fact, and wants us to believe that without government involvement, women will be deprived of health care. Of course, hypocrites aren’t concerned with the facts, or else they wouldn’t be hypocrites.

Davis is right to challenge the Neanderthal policies put forth by Texas Republicans in an attempt to criminalize abortion. But the rational alternative to coercion against women isn’t coercion against taxpayers. The rational alternative is freedom of choice for everyone.

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