Truth Versus Environmentalism

Since the 1960s, environmentalists and their ilk have been predicting a series of imminent disasters. First, it was over-population and mass starvation. Then it was a new Ice Age. That was followed by global warming, which was succeeded with climate change. None of the predictions of doom came true.

But that hasn’t stopped environmentalists from continuing to make dire predictions. Nor has it stopped the uninformed from spreading the message that human beings must dramatically alter their activities or face catastrophe.

In what purports to be a news story, the Chronicle reports:

In 50 years, scientists predict Houston’s climate will look a lot like what it does today, but amplified – more hot days, more downpours, more hurricanes, and more sea-level rise.

The frequency and ferocity of those events is the subject of scientific debate. But make no mistake: Climate change will alter Houston over the next century.

The article goes on to quote a number of scientists regarding their predictions of the various catastrophes that await Texas. Interestingly, the article does not inform us of the environmental predictions made by scientists that have come nowhere close to being accurate. Why?

The simple answer would be that the reporter (and the paper) is pushing a particular political agenda. And that would certainly be correct. But a more fundamental answer is that the reporter (and the paper) have a flawed view of what constitutes truth.

Leftists would have us believe that truth is determined by a vote. If a majority agrees to some idea, then it must be true. If 97 percent of scientists agree that man-made climate change is a reality, then it must be true. (And the fact is, 97 percent of scientists don’t agree that man-made climate change is real. But that is a different issue.)

Truth isn’t determined by a vote. If every human being alive today voted for a proposition declaring that the Earth is flat, that wouldn’t change the fact that the Earth is round. Truth is the correspondence of an idea or statement to the facts of reality. Truth is grasped through the faculty of reason.

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