Trump vs. Houston

Last week, a Chronicle editorial proclaimed that the policies of the Trump Administration will have a devastating impact on Houston. While it is true that the policies cited–a border tax, import tariffs and immigrant roundups–will have harmful effects, the paper conveniently ignores the many equally harmful consequences of policies it advocates.

A proposed border tax or tariff risks recession for the Port of Houston’s multi-billion-dollar import-export business…. While Trump lambastes regulations for hurting coal, he’s touting trade regulations that will hurt the import of crude and export of natural gas.

The paper conveniently doesn’t mention its support for fighting global warming. It’s no secret that the warmists are enemies of fossil fuels, and can’t wean mankind of oil, gas, and coal quickly enough. What will that do to Houston’s economy? The paper doesn’t say.

Meanwhile, anti-immigration rhetoric and enforcement has the construction industry worried about a labor crisis in an already tight market. Houston’s reputation for affordable housing will take a hit if construction costs skyrocket.

The editorial conveniently ignores the plethora of city ordinances–most of which it supports–that drive up housing costs. As a few examples: the preservation ordinance, “green” building codes, the landscaping ordinance, and similar land-use regulations.

The Chronicle’s concerns about Trump would be much more believable if the paper was consistent. But the paper is little more than a hypocritical Leftist propaganda rag. They claim to support the backbone of Houston’s economy–petrochemicals–while simultaneously supporting those who want to shut down the entire petrochemical industry. They claim to support low housing costs, while simultaneously supporting policies that drive up the cost of housing.

If the paper wants the federal government to support free trade, then the paper should demand the same of City Hall.

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