The Pre-existing Conditions Mandate is Immoral

The pre-existing conditions feature is at the heart of what is wrong with Obamacare.  It requires insurance companies to pay for the care of new customers who are already sick with often chronic and expensive diseases and to charge them no more than their healthy patients.  These are the same insurers that the young and healthy without employer provided insurance are forced to join.

This feature is first of all evil. It puts a gun to the head of those young and healthy to force them to pay for the chronically ill. (This is not just a metaphore. If you do not obey eventually an agent of the government will arrive with a gun.)  It puts a gun to the head of the insurance companies to force them to offer a bad deal to most of their customers. It puts a gun to the head of doctors and hospitals to settle for lower payments and limit services. It puts a gun to the heads of all the taxpayers to subsidize Obamacare. It puts the chronically ill in the position of enslaving others to provide their health care by government force. It perpetuates the notion that government knows better than you and your doctor how to conduct your health care.

Second it is bad economics.  We have seen many rate increases and insurance drop-outs.  Doctors are beginning to quit in disgust. Yet to be seen are the lower standards for all; the limits that will be enacted to reduce costs; the subtle euthanasia, denial of service and intrusive life-style limitations that will creep into the system to cut costs; the delayed treatment and increased layers of bureaucracy that will smother all attempts to improve or innovate health care. One hint of this is the maltreatment of veterans by the VA.

Yet this is the altruistic feature that Democrats are demanding and Republicans are vowing to keep.

No! Repeal Obamacare.

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