The March for Science

A grim reminder of how far science has descended in our anti-reason culture can be seen in protests against the Trump administrations plans for the Environmental Protection Agency. On Earth Day, April 22, 2017 a “March for Science” will take place in Houston, as well as other cities in the US and around the world.

First of all, for scientists to hold a “March for Science” on Earth Day reveals that mainstream scientists have sabotaged science, not promoted science. Earth Day is a celebration of the environmental movement, which claims that technology is man’s enemy and should be abolished or severely restricted. Technology is applied science, and if mainstream science is not for technology, then what is it for? I will examine that shortly.

The environmental movement has all but destroyed nuclear power, and it has succeeded in stopping the development of oil fields, pipelines, mineral deposits, and forests, among other pro-human activities. Results have been higher costs for energy, construction materials, and housing, just to name a few. And to justify this attack on technology, they make wild claims of global disaster should man continue to encroach on the environment – the latest claim being “climate change” or manmade global warming.

Now let’s examine the “March for Science” to see what avant-garde science is really for. The March for Science Mission statement  calls for “robustly funded and publicly communicated science . . .” and claims this is “a pillar of human freedom. . . .” It also calls for “science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.” The movement also claims fidelity to “objective evidence” and it wants a “free exchange of scientific research. . . ” and policy makers that don’t “reject overwhelming evidence. . . .” The website states that “Gag rules on scientists in government and environmental organizations impede access to information . . . . “  In short, they are saying don’t deny manmade global warming (a mantra of all environmental organizations), don’t muzzle scientists, and don’t deregulate environmental protection.

“Don’t deny manmade global warming” and “don’t muzzle scientists” is blatantly contradictory. The Climategate scandal revealed mainstream scientists purposely trying to muzzle scientists that did not jump on the global warming bandwagon. The claim for “evidence based policy” is a ruse. The “climate change” crowd has denied the existence of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age, evidence that points to the earth’s temperature going through naturally occurring cycles, with the warming trend of the last 150 years being a new warming cycle.

There is also strong evidence that temperature data is being manipulated to make the earth’s temperature appear warmer than it actually is. Are the scientists who disagree with man-made climate change allowed to participate in the “free exchange of scientific research” that the March for Science claims to promote? No they are not – they are subjected to intimidation tactics such as being labeled “deniers” by their critics. And are their claims being “publically communicated?” No they are not – their claims are being ignored as evidenced by the Climategate scandal.

The “March for Science” is nothing more than an attempt to maintain the decade’s long goal of the political left to control man’s productive activities. Their method is to claim that man is destroying the planet with his productive activities. Their platform is an expression of the modern philosophical viewpoint that truth is not objectively determined, but is a matter of public opinion. Their goal is to shape that public opinion and hence government policy.

In summary the “March for Science” is actually anti-science. Their call for government funding of science, far from achieving fidelity to objectivity, will achieve the opposite. Government funding of science means government control of science, and that means control of scientific opinions that are communicated to the public. For science to be objective, it must be free of government coercion, and therefore privately funded.

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  • James

    Even ignoring environmentalism, this march proves how pathetic the scientific community has become (full disclosure: I am a scientist, working in the privates sectors). Their biggest concern is funding–the government has discussed reducing funding, and scientists are throwing a temper-tantrum like infants. In discussing the issue with other scientists I have discovered that they are completely unwilling to consider other sources of funding, and are openly indignant when someone suggests they do so. Bear in mind that most of the money from federal sources doesn’t go to science–it goes to administrative efforts that only exist to ensure compliance with the strings attached to the money.

    Scientists would have more time and money for research if they got off the government dole, but like addicts they simply cannot comprehend and refuse to consider life without this drug. And like drug addicts, the more they ingest the more they need and the worse their situation becomes.