The Bully vs. Nordstrom

After the department store Nordstrom announced that it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the nation’s leading bully, aka President Trump, tweeted:

My daughter Ivanka has been treated unfairly by Nordstrom. She is a great person–always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!

Whether Ivanka is a great person or not is irrelevant. Nordstrom has a right to carry whatever products it chooses, and if the Trumps don’t like the company’s decision, they are free to find someone else to sell their products. But the real issue isn’t about Nordstrom. The real issue is the President of the United States singling out a company for criticism.

The President’s job is to execute the law, not criticize the decisions of private companies. The President has the ultimate in bully pulpits. Not only do his words impact the actions of millions, he has the coercive power of the federal government behind him. Conservatives were upset when Obama used the IRS to target his critics; Trump holds the same power and has repeatedly threatened those who don’t do as he prefers.

Few conservatives have protested the immense powers vested in the Presidency. Their complaints have primarily focused on how those powers have been used. They believe that their gang will use those power more effectively. And that is where the danger lies.

Both conservatives and Leftists are statists. They believe that the individual should be subordinate to the state. They only disagree on the details. But whether the individual is shackled in the name of God or in the name of the “public,” the result is the same.

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