Taking a Knee

In 2016, a relatively untalented professional football player named Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem prior to games. He “took a knee” to protest what he called oppression of people of color in the United States. This year, taking a knee during the national anthem has become widespread in the National Football League (NFL).

Like any American, NFL players have a right to express their views. But I don’t watch the NFL to get uninformed political commentary. (When I want that, I listen to Sean Hannity.) I watch the NFL to enjoy talented athletes competing against one another.

Only a fool would claim that racism and other forms of irrational discrimination do not exist in America. There have always been individuals who hold such ideas, and there probably always will be. But those types of irrational ideas are the exception rather than the rule in America.

At the time Kaepernick first took a knee, America had a black president, and a female creature was a front runner to win that office. In many, if not most, nations in the world, minorities and women are barred from many activities that Americans take for granted. For example, only recently has Saudi Arabia allowed some women to drive.

Those who claim widespread and rampant oppression in America are pushing a political agenda. And it is an agenda that will actually lead to widespread and rampant oppression.

Those pushing this agenda want more government controls and regulations. They want government dictating what ideas are and are not acceptable to express. As an example, consider the riots that have erupted on many college campuses when conservative speakers have been scheduled to speak. The rioters aren’t interested in an open exchange of ideas. They want to silence those with whom they disagree. And they will use whatever means necessary to do so, including cracking skulls and setting fire to buildings.

The NFL players who are taking a knee are supporting those who would ultimately deny those players the freedom to express their ideas. And when they express ideas that those in control don’t like, the football players won’t have helmets to protect them.

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