Citizen’s Police Academy, Part 7

Last week’s class was about discrimination, but not in the manner that the word is typically used. We learned to discriminate between various types of guns. Some guns were easy to hold and fire, while others felt clumsy and uncomfortable. And while that was an interesting and informative experience, I found the class to be […]

Helping Others Can Be Selfish

To the good people of Houston, Texas and surrounding communities so devastated by Hurricane Harvey:

I, with you, am suffering Harvey’s mal-effects and sympathize with you. I’ve provided direct help and plan to make financial contributions to help.

It is profoundly selfish on my part to provide emergency help to my loved ones and friends […]

Houston’s General Plan

For decades, various politicians, activists, and organizations have been pushing for Houston to develop and adopt a general plan. In September 2015, City Council did so.

When the city officially began the process in 2014, Mayor Annise Parker said that “planning does not mean zoning.” In the most literal sense, this is true. However, Parker […]

Diversity and Conformity

As discussed in my previous articles, the claim that all cultures are inherently equal, the attack on rational values, and the raising of the group above the individual underlies the call for “diversity”.

But what is the goal of the diversity advocates? The alleged goal of “diversity” is to eliminate a policy of “exclusion.” “Racial […]

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

If you work in the oil industry and are tired of the environmentalists trying to make you feel guilty, it will do your heart and soul good to read The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein. And if you are not in the industry, this book will provide some fascinating insights.

This book […]

Diversity and the Attack on Values

The definition of cultural diversity cited in my article on Diversity and Multiculturalism stated that one of the characteristics is “. . . treating impartially and fairly each ethnic group without promoting the particular beliefs and values of any group”.

Every culture is different but none is superior according to the “diversity” advocates. This means […]


Pursuing one’s values is always a challenge, and it is even more difficult when those values are in conflict with the community in which one lives. In Chocolat, Vianne Rocher opens a chocolate shop in a small French village on the eve of Lent. She immediately finds herself in conflict with the town’s mayor, who […]