Feeding the Hand that Bites You

Whole Foods is building a new store in The Heights area. Their website initially called the store “Garden Oaks 365,” but residents of Independence Heights quickly complained. The store will not be located in historically white Garden Oaks, but rather in historically black Independence Heights. Recognizing the importance of this issue, Houston City Councilperson Karla […]

Preserving the Past and Destroying the Future

The very nature of the Houston preservation ordinance stifles innovation, progress, and a better future. In essence, the preservation ordinance states that the architectural styles and land uses established a hundred years ago are good enough, and nobody should be legally allowed to improve upon them.

Imagine where Houston might be today if that attitude […]

Houston’s True Heritage

Preservationists claim that they want to preserve Houston’s heritage by protecting old buildings. But Houston’s heritage isn’t about bricks and mortar. It isn’t about buildings. It’s about ideas.

In terms of essentials, Houston’s heritage is defined by a relative respect for individual rights, including property rights. (I say relative because the city certainly engages in […]

A Contradiction in The Heights

In my last post, I addressed the recent repeal of Prohibition in The Heights. That action exposed a contradiction in The Heights.

Voters in The Heights favored repealing Prohibition by an overwhelming margin of 63.9 percent to 36.1 percent. While it is impossible to know the motivation of those voters, their actions made it legal […]

Prohibition in The Heights

Since 1912, it has been illegal to sell alcohol for off-site consumption in The Heights. On November 8, residents of The Heights voted to end Prohibition. (Texas law allows voters great discretion in the sale of alcohol.)

Interestingly, those on both sides of the issue cited quality of life issues as the reason for their […]