Government Without Taxation

If your neighbor broke into your home and stole money to pay for his health care, he would be guilty of theft. If an employer withheld wages from an employee in order to pay for his daughter’s braces, he would be guilty of theft. Indeed, if a private citizen takes money from another individual by […]

Mayor Turner’s Latest Cronyism

The Chronicle reports that the city will lend $13.9 million to HEB to build a new grocery store near the Museum District. The money comes from a federal grant issued in 1995 to help revitalize downtown. Mayor Sylvester Turner said that he isn’t thrilled about the “deal,” but it will help provide fresh produce to […]

Say No to Upgrades to NRG Stadium

With Super Bowl LI behind us, we are hearing that NRG Stadium needs a major upgrade if Houston is to host another major sporting event. Even though the stadium is only fifteen years old, we are being told that it is obsolete. The Chronicle reports:

“There’s a difference between being architecturally obsolete and being obsolete […]

The Solution to Houston’s Deficit

The Chronicle reports that the City of Houston will end the year with a deficit for the first time in its history. Mayor Turner attributes the $95 million deficit to the city’s ongoing pension problems. In a statement issues on Friday, he said

We must have meaningful pension reform and we must have a strategic […]

Tax Breaks are not Subsidies

According to the Chronicle, if a robber takes only half of your possessions, he has given you the other half of what you own. Admittedly, the paper didn’t put it in those words, but that is the meaning of what they did print.

Amazon is building warehouses across the United States to develop its own […]

When Needs Supersede Rights

Last week, the Houston City Council approved construction of a 154-unit subsidized housing development in Independence Heights. It will be the first affordable housing project in a decade for the Houston Housing Authority.

In August, Mayor Sylvester Turner blocked a proposal to build a similar project near the Galleria. He cited the projected cost of […]