The Affordable Porsche Crisis

Earlier this week, Mayor Turner announced a new program to address the affordable Porsche crisis. Citing the inability of most Houstonians to afford a Porsche, Turner’s plan will provide subsidies to any family making less than $250,000 per year. “Herbert Hoover talked about putting a chicken in every pot,” Turner said smugly. “I’m going to […]

A Flood of Altruism

More than 300,000 home owners in the Houston area can expect significant increases in their flood insurance. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIH), which insures those homes, is more than $24 billion in debt and Congress is expected to end the subsidies that are bankrupting the program.

NFIH was created because private insurers didn’t want […]

Say No to Upgrades to NRG Stadium

With Super Bowl LI behind us, we are hearing that NRG Stadium needs a major upgrade if Houston is to host another major sporting event. Even though the stadium is only fifteen years old, we are being told that it is obsolete. The Chronicle reports:

“There’s a difference between being architecturally obsolete and being obsolete […]

Sell the Astrodome

Since being closed in 2008, the Astrodome has been the subject of frequent debate regarding its future. Proposals have included demolition, turning the facility into an indoor park, and creating a multi-use facility. While these proposals vary significantly, they all have one thing in common: taxpayers will get to foot the bill.

No matter what […]

End Educational Subsidies

According to the Chronicle, it’s not enough that taxpayers pay for the education of Texas children through high school. The paper also wants taxpayers to pay for their college education. Otherwise, the paper laments, Texas colleges might have to start recruiting foreign born students who will pay higher tuition rates.

Whatever the policy looks like, […]

Go Green, or Else

In another attempt to force Houstonians to “go green,” the city is about to expand its bike-sharing program, known as Houston B-cycle. The program allows individuals to rent a bicycle from thirty-one kiosks around the city. Over the next two years the program will expand to more than one hundred kiosks.

In announcing the expansion, […]