Altruism and the “Public Interest”

No matter which party or politician backs a particular piece of legislation, its advocates nearly always proclaim that it serves the “public interest.” And opponents are just as quick to claim that the legislation is harmful to the public interest. The Keystone XL pipeline serves as an example.

For years, the pipeline was a controversial […]

Housing First and Altruism

Conservatives love to talk about limited government and the merits of the free market. But when push comes to shove, they invariably turn to government to solve social problems. Take Gary Polland, former Harris County Republican Party Chairman as an example.

In a recent article on his website, he addresses Houston’s homeless problem. The conservative […]

The “Public Interest”

It is almost impossible to get through a day without hearing some politician, activist, or special interest group talking about the “public interest.” A cursory examination of nearly any political issue makes it clear that there is great disagreement on what constitutes the public interest. No matter the issue, each side claims that it represents […]