Liberty and Local Control

Not surprisingly, the Chronicle has come out in favor of Galveston’s proposed plastic bag ban. The editorial chastises state officials who oppose local bans, arguing that the “unique circumstances” in each city are often ignored by out-of-town politicians. This may be true, but there are no unique circumstances that justify violations of liberty.

However, according […]

Little Bits 5

Hypocrisy and Preservation Advocates of historic preservation like to talk about preserving Houston’s heritage. And they would like us to believe that this requires buildings that look as they did in the late 1800s and early 1900s. If Houston’s heritage is really defined by the architecture of that era, then why stop with the exterior […]

Principles and Plastic Bags

Galveston is the latest Texas city to consider a ban on disposable plastic bags. (Eleven cities currently have such a ban.) Conservatives, as well as bag manufacturers and some businesses, are fighting the ordinance. But not all Galveston businesses are opposed.

“As business operators we typically don’t like this type of business regulation,” said Steve […]