Mackie and Kamrath: Three Ecclesiastical Venues

The Kamrath architectural practice (a local example of the Prairie School) erected many churches and synagogues during its existence and a few of the more successful and well-maintained structures in Houston are here described. Builders often are said to avoid returning to see their creations for fear of what later administration/ownership has changed or […]

Makie, Kamrath and consultants: Temple Emanu El (1957)

As I’ve been noting here over several articles, the local connection with the Prairie School of architecture is strong, thanks in large part to Karl Kamrath’s “conversion” to the movement shortly after World War II ended. Although he was already a practicing architect, his meetings with Frank Lloyd Wright changed his direction, and with it […]

MacKie and Kamrath: Texas Medical Center, Part 2

Today we look at two more Mackie & Kamrath works in the Texas Medical Center, one of which is slated for demolition as in the case of the earlier-seen UT School of Public Health. This structure, the University of Houston School of Pharmacy building, went up in the early 1970’s and although not revolutionary […]

MacKie and Kamrath: Texas Medical Center, Part 1

My continuing look at the work of Houston architecture firm MacKie and Kamrath (Karl Kamrath, chief designer) turns now and for the next several installments to the work just south of the “midtown” area in Houston’s hospital district. Paradoxically, the success of the firm in this zone contributed to its later relative obscurity, since structures […]

Mackie and Kamrath: Farnsworth and Chambers Office Building

In the late 1930’s architects Karl Kamrath and Frederick MacKie began a practice in Houston that would shortly change course from traditional revival designs to a local variant of Frank Lloyd Wright’s take on the Prairie School approach. In 1946, Kamrath met Wright and a lifelong friendship resulted. Inspired by Wright’s use of interior […]

Mackie and Kamrath: Big 3 Industries Building

The Prairie School of American architecture, commonly associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, his son Lloyd and other associates had a practitioner locally from the 1940’s through the 1970’s in Karl Kamrath, chief designer of the firm of Mackie and Kamrath, who both officed in a building of Kamrath’s design on Ferndale in River Oaks from […]