Free the Innovators

Chronicle columnist Chris Tomlinson correctly chastises those who predict that we are running out of resources.

Smart business people make their fortunes solving problems for a reasonable price. The key is innovation.

What Tomlinson doesn’t say is that innovators must be free in order to solve problems. An innovator is someone who questions the conventional […]

“Balancing” Free Speech

The Chronicle reports that Texas colleges are trying to “balance” free speech and “hateful speech.”

Campuses responding to racist posters or planned controversial events – such as white nationalist Richard Spencer’s speech at Texas A&M university in December – can find themselves in a tough position. University leaders must balance the right to free speech […]

Making America Great Again

Chronicle business writer Chris Tomlinson provides an interesting article about economic efficiency. He notes that it sometimes less expensive to transport oil from the Middle East to refineries on America’s east coast than it is to transport oil from west Texas. He concludes,

Sometimes it will make more sense to sell our light crude to […]