HERO and Chechnya

Since the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in November 2015, LGBT activists have portrayed Houston as a backward city. The latest salvo in this campaign is an article in the Chronicle titled “The ‘humanitarian emergency’ in Chechnya.”

The articles starts:

Chechnya is a world away from Texas.

But for LGBT Houstonians, Chechnya […]

“Progressives” Are Regressive

For decades Houston has been besieged with “Progressive” activists claiming that they want to make our lives better. Invariably, the way they will make our lives better is by forcing to live as they think best, rather than by our own judgment.

Progressive means to move forward. But the policies advocated by these activists aren’t […]

When “Rights” are Wrong

Chronicle business reporter Chris Tomlinson calls Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and his allies bigots for their support of a “bathroom bill.” Tomlinson goes on to write:

Today, transgender people are fighting hard for their liberty, which is why bigots are proposing unnecessary laws to deny them the ability to live as they wish.

Through the […]

HERO and Jim Crow

In 2014, Houston City Council passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which prohibited discrimination on the basis of fifteen “protected characteristics,” such as military status, age, gender identity, and race. But less than one hundred years ago, a different set of ordinances forced Houstonians to discriminate.

Through the first half of the twentieth century, […]

A Solution to the Bathroom Bill Debate

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has declared that passage of a “bathroom bill” is a top priority for next year’s legislative session. The bill would mandate that individuals use the public bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate. The legislation proposed by Patrick is a response to local ordinances, such as the […]

Preserving the Past and Destroying the Future

The very nature of the Houston preservation ordinance stifles innovation, progress, and a better future. In essence, the preservation ordinance states that the architectural styles and land uses established a hundred years ago are good enough, and nobody should be legally allowed to improve upon them.

Imagine where Houston might be today if that attitude […]

Diversity and Collectivism

Referring back to the definition of “cultural diversity” in my article on “Diversity and Multiculturalism:”

Cultural diversity or multiculturalism is the acceptance of the various ethnic cultures in schools, organizations, businesses, neighborhoods or cities. At the best, it involves treating impartially and fairly each ethnic group without promoting the particular beliefs or values of any […]

Diversity and the Attack on Values

The definition of cultural diversity cited in my article on Diversity and Multiculturalism stated that one of the characteristics is “. . . treating impartially and fairly each ethnic group without promoting the particular beliefs and values of any group”.

Every culture is different but none is superior according to the “diversity” advocates. This means […]

Bigots, Homophobes, and HERO

In May 2014, the Houston City Council passed the controversial Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). The ordinance made it “unlawful for any place of public accommodation or any employee or agent thereof to discriminate against any person on the basis of any protected characteristic,” such as sexual orientation or gender identification. Though voters overturned the […]

Only Free Markets Promote Rationality

Though overturned by voters in 2015, the passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in 2014 underscores a dangerous trend in today’s political environment – a trend that is in fact decades old. That trend is an attempt to force rationality on people. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on up to HERO, […]