Rally for School Choice

Approximately 4,000 people gathered in Austin on Tuesday to support more educational choices for Texas parents. Both Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick spoke in favor of giving parents more choices. Predictably, the political Left opposes more school choice. The Chronicle reports:

Opponents say Patrick’s plans to allow parents to pay for private […]

No Freedom for Me, No Freedom for Thee

Last Friday, the Texas Education Agency released its first “report cards” for government schools. As expected, education bureaucrats aren’t happy with the results. As one example, Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt said:

Our legislators’ ‘ranking’ and comparing of public schools feeds the agenda of those claiming our public schools are failing and vouchers, tax credits, […]

Divorce and the “Public Interest”

Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth, has introduced a bill that will end no-fault divorces in Texas. The conservative legislator believes that it’s too easy to get a divorce.

I don’t know if we don’t take our vows as seriously as we used to, but I think getting rid of the no-fault divorce piece of this […]

Children As Products

Every once in a while, a statist makes a very revealing statement that exposes his true thoughts. As an example, consider an opinion piece by Gary G. Godsey, executive director for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Godsey writes:

Schools aren’t businesses, and they shouldn’t be run like them. Businesses can choose what type of […]

Massage Parlor Blues

In their endless quest to rid Houston of things that they don’t like, city officials have been cracking down on massage parlors and spas. In the past year, at least thirteen of these havens for naughty deeds have been closed by the city.

Last year, City Council strengthened Chapter 125, the section of the city […]


Pursuing one’s values is always a challenge, and it is even more difficult when those values are in conflict with the community in which one lives. In Chocolat, Vianne Rocher opens a chocolate shop in a small French village on the eve of Lent. She immediately finds herself in conflict with the town’s mayor, who […]