The Real Poop On Bathroom Regulations

Both nationally and locally, there has been much said and written about the propriety of having separate bathrooms for male and female, where at least a small percentage of the public chooses to consider themselves differently sexed than the perceptions of most would indicate. Where sexual identity reassignment is concerned, it is claimed that business […]

An Example of What Education Can Be

Here is a great example of what education can be when government isn’t involved. The cost per student is about 40 percent of government schools, which makes it an affordable alternative for the middle class.

Making America Great Again

Chronicle business writer Chris Tomlinson provides an interesting article about economic efficiency. He notes that it sometimes less expensive to transport oil from the Middle East to refineries on America’s east coast than it is to transport oil from west Texas. He concludes,

Sometimes it will make more sense to sell our light crude to […]

Children As Products

Every once in a while, a statist makes a very revealing statement that exposes his true thoughts. As an example, consider an opinion piece by Gary G. Godsey, executive director for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Godsey writes:

Schools aren’t businesses, and they shouldn’t be run like them. Businesses can choose what type of […]

Making the Grade

In January, the Texas Education Agency will release a sneak peak on its “report card” for the state’s government schools. The new A to F grading system has school districts in an uproar, and more than forty of them have approved resolutions denouncing the system.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Meanwhile, administrator and teachers groups are […]

An Alternative to Government Planning: The Free Market

While Houston certainly has an abundance of land-use regulations, the city has retained a freer market in land use than any other major city. The absence of onerous regulations and controls on land use makes housing and the cost of doing business much more affordable, and this is the primary cause of the city’s economic […]

Only Free Markets Promote Rationality

Though overturned by voters in 2015, the passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in 2014 underscores a dangerous trend in today’s political environment – a trend that is in fact decades old. That trend is an attempt to force rationality on people. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on up to HERO, […]