A Dictator in Dallas

In late May, one of the items on the agenda of the Dallas City Council was a proposed settlement with a property owner regarding an eminent domain case. Councilwoman Sandy Greyson spoke against the settlement,

I’m not blaming anyone that we’re settling this case, but it’s just infuriating that if you’re rich enough you can […]

The Wall vs. Principles

The Department of Homeland Security has started condemnation lawsuits against some Texas property owners. The government is using eminent domain to seize land needed to build the border wall. While repeatedly feeding us stories of the crimes committed by illegal immigrants, the federal government is now embarking on its own crime.

The alleged purpose of […]

The Texas Central and Eminent Domain

Texas has a reputation as a business-friendly state. But that friendliness can quickly evaporate when angry constituents start putting pressure on legislators. Last Tuesday, eighteen bills were filed in Austin to stop or impede a privately built high-speed railroad between Dallas and Houston.

Rural land owners are fighting the project, and their representatives are eager […]