Wendy Davis is a Hypocrite

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis is a hypocrite. She defends a woman’s right to choose an abortion, but she wants to deny other individuals a choice in how their money is spent. She wants to force taxpayers to pay for women’s health care, regardless of their own personal choices.

Last week, the former candidate for governor […]

The Two Faces of Statism

A recent Chronicle editorial laments the recent trend in Austin to limit the legislative prerogatives of municipalities. Republicans are threatening to pass legislation that will usurp local control on issues like plastic bags, Uber, restrooms, and cutting down trees.

After decades promoting local control, now Republicans in Austin have decided there’s no municipal issue too […]

Reproductive “Rights” Versus Individual Rights

On December 19, a new Texas law will require fetal remains to be buried or cremated. Pastor Jim Rigby correctly identifies this law as another attempt by the state to limit the freedom of women. He writes:

It is chilling to witness politicians overriding science and medicine to impose their own beliefs on women.

He […]