“Progressives” Are Regressive

For decades Houston has been besieged with “Progressive” activists claiming that they want to make our lives better. Invariably, the way they will make our lives better is by forcing to live as they think best, rather than by our own judgment.

Progressive means to move forward. But the policies advocated by these activists aren’t moving Houston forward. They are moving Houston backwards. The allegedly “Progressive” activists are really Regressives.

The founding of the United States was a truly progressive event. For the first time in history, individuals were free to live their lives without the restrictive mandates and prohibitions of the Church or the State. And for most of its history, Houston has embraced the principles of America’s founding—individual rights.

But in recent decades, Houston has become increasingly Regressive. Beginning with the billboard and sign ordinances of the 1980s, and continuing through the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance of 2014, city officials have passed ordinance after ordinance that restricts the freedom of individuals to live as they choose.

Despite the claims of their advocates, these ordinances do not move Houstonians forward to more freedom. Instead, they are returning us to the time when individuals were forced to abide by the demands and dictates of authorities. They are returning us to the time when the individual was subordinate to the collective.

These activists believe that restricting individual freedom is progress. And in doing so, they reveal their ultimate goal: destroying individual freedom.

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