“Lunch Shaming”

One of the newer causes of Leftists is “lunch shaming,” which is, as one website puts it, “what happens when a child can’t pay a school lunch bill.” School districts treat the issue differently, but many require the child to pay for his meal by working or simply take the meal away from him.

To Leftists, it is degrading to expect payment for a school lunch. It’s not the child’s fault that his parents are deadbeats, and he shouldn’t have to suffer for their actions. They want to force school districts to provide “free” lunches.

It’s true that children aren’t responsible for the actions of their parents, but neither are taxpayers. There is no free lunch. Somebody must pay for it, and if it isn’t the parents then it will be taxpayers. Why should they be victims of the parent’s irresponsibility?

As with many other issues in contemporary America, causality is ignored. The reasons why a child can’t pay for his lunch is deemed irrelevant. All that the Leftists see is his need. And his need becomes a claim on others.

It is certainly sad when parents can’t or won’t take care of their children. But the fact that many parents shirk their responsibilities does not justify robbing taxpayers.

Ironically, the “lunch shaming” movement teaches children a very immoral lesson. It teaches them that their feelings–their shame–takes precedence over the rights of others. If the actions or words of others is hurtful, then they should be able to use the coercive power of government to prohibit such actions and words. They should be protected from anything that may hurt their fragile sensibilities. More fundamentally, they should be “protected” from reality.

The fact is, life can be difficult at times. Others do things with which we may disagree. They say things that we may find hurtful or insulting. At the same time, we do and say things that others don’t like. But if we want the freedom to live as we choose, we must respect the freedom of others to do the same, even when we don’t like it.

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