Justice for Students

I welcome the recently reported justice department decision to further look into cases of race based admissions standards that are alleged to discriminate against whites and Asians in favor of blacks, Latinos or native Americans.  I welcome it if the focus is on justice.

Every individual student has huge potential to advance himself or herself by the application of reason and integrity in the pursuit of the student’s own independent goals through honestly acquired academic skills. The student’s education can then lead to a highly productive career for which that individual can be justifiably proud. Effort must be applied individually in the face of some formidable obstacles such as limited financial resources, health problems, learning disabilities, economic downturn, family opposition, bad teachers, accident and yes racial or group discrimination.  This nation is replete with examples of people who have forged such lives in the face of adversity.  Just read the story of George Washington Carver for one example.

So, why impose upon the Individual student who has earned her place academically the injustice of rejection because the standards for the group with white skin were elevated?  Or, why heap upon the applicant admitted under lowered standards another injustice because he is assigned to the group with black skin? His lower achievement in preparation for college likely means greater chance of failure. It will also add fuel to the suspicion that what he does achieve of his own was instead due to his classification in the group with black skin.  Any quota system is a deliberately planned injustice. No one is rewarded for individual achievement and everyone is punished as a member of a group.

Remember, Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream that my four little chi1dren will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Well, I have a dream that someday all our children will be afforded the justice they deserve, where they will be treated as individuals who forge their own character and are judged by it, regardless of ethnic or racial group.

Yes, review these cases and apply justice to the individuals. Ignore the group.

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