Houston People’s Climate March

I will admit to having a certain morbid curiosity about manifestations of evil. I find it interesting to understand both the psychology and the philosophy of those who engage in criminal activities. For this reason, I attended last Saturday’s Houston People’s Climate March.

Except for Houston City Council, I had never attended a Leftist event, and so I was not sure what to expect. I assumed that I would be repulsed. Instead, I was mostly amused. It wasn’t as good as a trip to the Laff Stop, but for the most part the entertainers were amateurs.

I assumed that a march would involve walking to some destination. Instead, the attendees stood in a park, patted one another on the back for their social consciousness, and listened to a series of speakers. The speakers entertained us with stories about the plight of women, minorities, and indigenous people, the evils of Donald Trump and corporate America, and the glorious future that  renewable energy will bring about. In short, it was a rally for every Leftist cause under the toxic haze created by the nearby refineries that made possible virtually every aspect of the “march,” including the signs many carried. But that wasn’t the best part of the event.

One of the emcees–who was introduced as a human rights activist–complained that “it shouldn’t be this hot today.” She seemed to believe that there is a certain temperature that it “should be,” and anything to the contrary is evidence of climate change. At the time of her statement, it was 80 degrees with a forecast high of 85. The average high in Houston on April 29 is 82 degrees, with a record of 90 degrees in 1963. It may have been a little warmer than normal, but to the alarmists, a little warmer is evidence that the planet is burning up.

The warmup act–no pun intended–for the “march” was the previously mentioned human rights activist and a colleague. In between their rants, they led the crowd in a series of chants. The purpose of the chants was unclear, but it seemed to be an attempt to meld the assembled throng into one mindless mass. Truth be told, I don’t think that chanting was necessary to accomplish that end.

Mayor Sylvester Turner was the headliner for the “march.” He mouthed the expected platitudes about climate change and the city’s efforts to use more renewable energy. His best joke came midway through his act. “Nearly all scientists,” he said, “no, nearly all credible scientists agree that climate change is real.” According to Turner, no credible scientist would dare question his colleagues because scientific truths are determined by a consensus. According to Turner, truth is not determined by looking at facts, but by taking a vote.

Contrary to Turner’s beliefs, credible scientists continually question their colleagues. They judge the truth by using their own rational and independent judgment. Politicians like Turner, however, are a different story.

In true collectivist fashion, the hypocritical crowd participated in the encore. After spending hours denouncing everything made possible by fossil fuels, they climbed into their gas-powered cars and drove back to their air conditioned homes. But at least they could be content in the knowledge that they had spoken in defense of Mother Earth.

There is, or course, nothing humorous about the climate change crowd. They are hellbent on destroying industrial society, and that is not a laughing matter.

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