Free Will and “Affordable Housing”

Advocates of “affordable housing” are using the race card to claim that Houston is a segregated city, while ignoring the fact that the segregation that exists is on the basis of economics rather than race. This claim is intended to cloud the discussion and ignore the real issue–the choices that individuals make are the primary cause of their economic conditions.

“Affordable housing” advocates, and the political Left in general, want us to believe that an individual’s economic well-being is out of his control. The poor, the uneducated, and criminals are victims of society. They aren’t responsible for their lot in life.

This premise ignores the countless choices made over years (and perhaps decades) that shape an individual’s character, and ultimately his economic success or lack thereof. The choices on makes today determine the opportunities that are available tomorrow. And when an individual habitually makes consistent choices, he sets himself on a particular path.

Consider a teenager who recognizes the importance of education. He attends school, pays attention in class, and does his homework. And he does these things, not once or twice, but habitually. Each day, he can choose to skip school or attend, pay attention or daydream, do his homework or play video games. His choices will determine the opportunities awaiting him in the future.

Consider further a teenager to regards school as a waste of time. He skips classes, goofs off in class, and has no interest in doing homework. He too faces choices each day, and the choices he habitually makes determine the opportunities that await him.

Obviously, these two individuals will have very different futures, assuming that they do not change the nature of their choices. They will have very different opportunities, including attending college, careers, and income potential. And their income will determine the type of housing, along with many other things, that they can afford.

“Affordable housing” advocates, and the political Left in general, want us to ignore the fact that an individual’s choices matter. They want us to look at an individual’s current conditions and ignore the reasons behind those conditions. Past choices are the cause, and his current conditions are the effect.

Fueled by the virulent injustice of altruism, the political Left wants us to ignore causes. An individual’s need today is all that matters, and the reason he has those needs is irrelevant. (Of course, the Left blames the rich, society, or capitalism for an individual’s plight, but never the individual himself.)

History is replete with examples of individuals who have risen from abject poverty or escaped brutal dictatorships to make a better life for themselves. They chose to rise above the conditions in which they found themselves. Their choices determined the opportunities that they later had.

Every individual faces the same fundamental choices–to accept one’s plight or to rise above it, to drift through life or work to achieve one’s dreams, to passively accept what others say or engage one’s mind and think. The choices we make determine our future. And that is true, no matter our race or ethnicity.

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