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A History Lesson: What We Can Learn From the 1990s Zoning Debate Typically, when we study history, we learn about the consequences of something that happened. Seldom is there a meaningful reason (or even the ability) to study something that didn’t happen. The history of Houston since the 1990s debate over zoning provides us with a rare opportunity to do just that, and the lesson is enlightening.

A History of Compromise  When it comes to principles—and politics should be governed by principles—compromise is never workable. As the former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov once said, “If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, compromises on principles are the street lights.” The political history of Houston over the past thirty-five years demonstrates the truth of this statement.


“Innovation Requires Freedom,” Chapter 1 The Innovator Versus the Collective. When Apple announces record profits, we shake our heads in awe. When Exxon-Mobil announces record profits, its executives get hauled before Congress to explain themselves. In a six year period, oil company executives were called before Congress in November 2005, May 2008, and May 2011 to explain industry profits. Why is Apple celebrated while Exxon-Mobil is excoriated?

Individual Rights and Government Wrongs, by Brian Phillips. From the Tea Parties to Occupy Wall Street, Americans are not happy with their government and they are making their displeasure known. But what is causing this divide? And what is the solution? Individual Rights and Government Wrongs examines two fundamentally different views regarding what type of nation America should be. Using examples from history and the contemporary world, this book looks at what happens when individuals are free and what happens when government intervenes in the lives of citizens. The book rejects the notion that government intervention is ever practical or moral, no matter the issue, no matter the “general welfare” that will allegedly result, no matter the “will of the people.” If you are concerned about the future of America, Individual Rights and Government Wrongs will give you the intellectual ammunition you need to fight current trends. Also available on in paperback and Kindle.

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