A New Statue Controversy

This week, a new statue controversy erupted in Houston. A local organization by the name of An Unnamed Group came out against the removal of statues commemorating the Confederacy. Instead, they proposed erecting monuments to honor Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and other defenders of “the little people.”

“Slavery in […]

Houston People’s Climate March

I will admit to having a certain morbid curiosity about manifestations of evil. I find it interesting to understand both the psychology and the philosophy of those who engage in criminal activities. For this reason, I attended last Saturday’s Houston People’s Climate March.

Except for Houston City Council, I had never attended a Leftist event, […]

The Affordable Porsche Crisis

Earlier this week, Mayor Turner announced a new program to address the affordable Porsche crisis. Citing the inability of most Houstonians to afford a Porsche, Turner’s plan will provide subsidies to any family making less than $250,000 per year. “Herbert Hoover talked about putting a chicken in every pot,” Turner said smugly. “I’m going to […]

Ending Discrimination Against the Incompetent

An unnamed organization announced last week that they are going to pressure Mayor Sylvester Turner to add incompetent and unproductive workers to the list of groups protected by the city’s pending anti-discrimination ordinance. “It’s discriminatory to fire someone just because they are lazy or don’t possess rudimentary job skills,” said an anonymous spokesperson for the […]

Legalizing the Paleo Diet

Last week, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced that, beginning in April, her office will quit prosecuting those who follow the Paleo diet. In making the announcement, Ogg said

While Harris County prides itself on being progressive, sometimes the best way to move forward is to look to the past. And in this case, […]