Check Your Premises

For months, the Chronicle has been waging a campaign for government school reform. A seemingly endless series of articles, editorials, and opinion pieces have addressed government schools. And without exception, these pieces have two things in common.

The first commonality is that everyone agrees that government schools are broken. Whether it is school funding, the […]

Opportunity and Choice

Chronicle business reporter Lydia DePillis argues that, while Houston is a city that offers opportunity to businessmen and entrepreneurs, it is less inviting to low-income families.

Whether Houston offers opportunity for people who don’t have much to start with, however — that’s less clear. And it’s downright undermined by Mayor Turner’s decision to block a […]

No Freedom for Me, No Freedom for Thee

Last Friday, the Texas Education Agency released its first “report cards” for government schools. As expected, education bureaucrats aren’t happy with the results. As one example, Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt said:

Our legislators’ ‘ranking’ and comparing of public schools feeds the agenda of those claiming our public schools are failing and vouchers, tax credits, […]

End Educational Subsidies

According to the Chronicle, it’s not enough that taxpayers pay for the education of Texas children through high school. The paper also wants taxpayers to pay for their college education. Otherwise, the paper laments, Texas colleges might have to start recruiting foreign born students who will pay higher tuition rates.

Whatever the policy looks like, […]

Government Schools Say Grading is Unfair

I have previously written about the uproar over the new A-F rating system for Texas’ government schools. While the first “report card” isn’t due until August 2018, school districts across the state are already launching a crusade to persuade legislators to abandon the system.

School bureaucrats contend that the system isn’t fair. Spring ISD Superintendent […]

Autism, Altruism, and Discrimination

The Chronicle has been running an investigative series on special education in Texas. The articles claim that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has issues a guideline that school districts cap the students in special education programs to 8.5 percent as a way to cut costs. The series argues that this guideline violates federal law, which […]

Children As Products

Every once in a while, a statist makes a very revealing statement that exposes his true thoughts. As an example, consider an opinion piece by Gary G. Godsey, executive director for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Godsey writes:

Schools aren’t businesses, and they shouldn’t be run like them. Businesses can choose what type of […]

For the Children

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott listed his legislative priorities as freedom, economic opportunity, educational advancement, and safety and security. A few days later, the Chronicle took exception to the governor’s agenda, arguing that the 2017 legislative session should be declared the “year of the child”:

A host of major issues lawmakers should be addressing […]

Making the Grade

In January, the Texas Education Agency will release a sneak peak on its “report card” for the state’s government schools. The new A to F grading system has school districts in an uproar, and more than forty of them have approved resolutions denouncing the system.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Meanwhile, administrator and teachers groups are […]

Government Schools, Accountability, and Choice

One of the tricks that Progressives (Leftists) love to use is equivocation. Many words can be used in a number of different ways. Progressives often use these multiple meanings to slander their opponents and hide their own meaning. A recent OpEd article by Noel Candelaria, the president of the Texas State Teachers Association, presents a […]