Wendy Davis is a Hypocrite

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis is a hypocrite. She defends a woman’s right to choose an abortion, but she wants to deny other individuals a choice in how their money is spent. She wants to force taxpayers to pay for women’s health care, regardless of their own personal choices.

Last week, the former candidate for governor […]

The Pre-existing Conditions Mandate is Immoral

The pre-existing conditions feature is at the heart of what is wrong with Obamacare. It requires insurance companies to pay for the care of new customers who are already sick with often chronic and expensive diseases and to charge them no more than their healthy patients. These are the same insurers that the young and […]

Promoting Individual Responsibility

Intellectual consistency has never been a strong suit of Progressives (Leftists). They utter allegedly noble platitudes about empowering individuals to have more control over their lives, while simultaneously advocating policies that discourage individual responsibility.

Chronicle business reporter Chris Tomlinson serves as a case in point:

I’ve written many columns lambasting doctors, hospitals, drug makers and […]

Responsibility in the Entitlement Age

Today’s editorial in the Chronicle bemoans potential cuts to (or even the dismantling of) Medicare and Medicaid. The paper writes that if the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, has his way

America’s middle-class should be prepared to pay not only for their own health-care needs in old age, but also for the […]