A Break from Reality

An Atlanta woman, Lamora Williams, has been charged with murder for placing two of her children in an oven and turning it on. The 24-year-old single mother of four claimed that she left the children with a caretaker while at work. When she returned home, she allegedly found her children.

I first learned of this story on the CNN show HLN. Apparently, the program deals with bizarre crimes. Anyhow, one commentator on the program said that the mother had a “break from reality.” Duh!

This was a 24-year-old single woman with four children. She lost touch with reality long ago. She has been having children without a father around, and has done so more than once. Some time ago, she refused to take responsibility for her actions.

I have no problem with single women (or men) having sex. Sex is one of the great pleasures in life. But sex does have consequences, both emotional and physical. Engaging in sex without recognizing these consequences and taking appropriate precautions is irresponsible.

One of the physical consequences of sex is the possibility of pregnancy. There is no excuse for anyone engaging in sex to not take the proper precautions if they do not want a pregnancy to result. To do otherwise is irresponsible.

Certainly, accidents can happen. But this women has had four “accidents” and she is only 24 years-old. When someone has a consistent pattern of “accidents,” we have to question their culpability. We have to question why she kept putting herself in a position where such “accidents” could happen. She chose to put herself in that position. Not once, but multiple times.

Our choices have consequences. To evade that fact is to break from reality. Lamora Williams broke from reality years before she allegedly put her children in an oven.

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